Functional Tests

The functional testsbelow should give baseline markers that may be appropriate to help you to support your health aims.  We always recommend a starting point of either an Optimum Nutrition Evaluation (ONE) test or an Organic Acids Test (OAT) to help determine gene expression and the underlying epigenetic factors.

The NutrEval test is a more comprehensive test that includes all the ONE test markers, together with the addition of homocysteine, toxic elementsand a comprehensive fatty acid analysis.  This test could be useful for those with any chronic, unremitting condition, such as cardiovascular disease or chronic fatigue.

Other tests, such as DUTCH Extra or the neurotransmitter profile, may be required depending on your individual health goals.  The DUTCH test may be particularly useful for hormone related disorders, whilst those with neurological and/or mental health conditions may gain more value from a neurotransmitter analysis.

The test kits can take up to five days to reach you.  They come with full instructions for home use, with the exception of the Nutreval test which needs a blood draw.

Results will emailed to you as soon as they are made available by the laboratory.  The turn round time varies so you should allow up to a month for your functional test results.