Webinar on Pyroluria – How to test for it.

Why test your clients for Pyroluria?

What is pyroluria?  As an NT, you will undoubtedly be familiar with the condition pyroluria and its link to a deficiency of vit B6 and zinc, in particular.  This is part of basic nutritional therapy training. However, I suspect that, like us, you may not have identified many people with this disorder in your clinic over the years.  The big question is: would most of us know how to identify this condition, would we recognise the cluster of symptoms?   It was not an area that either of us considered fully, until we started to work with nutrigenomics and started to see patterns in the polymorphisms that are zinc and B6 dependent.

Pyroluria is actually is a condition that is more common than people think and if addressed properly in a systematic way can lead to a dramatically better sense of health and wellbeing in your clients.

Although there is a wide range of potential symptoms of pyroluria, from our clinical experience we have found a triad of symptoms relating to hormones, digestion and mood. The following are some symptoms that you might come across:  white spots on nails,  poor dream recall, stretch marks, morning nausea, pale skin, poor tanning, odour intolerance, knee and joint problems, migraines, constipation, stitch in side, sweet breath and body odour


Follow the link here to watch our recent video in conjunction with BioCare and BioLab on Pyroluria and how to test for it

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If you are interested I finding out more, please register your interest here, as we are planning future one day events on this topic, specifically how to identify this condition in your nutrigenomics clients and work with them effectively and safely.