Course delivery will be classroom based with small groups.

Course delivery will be classroom based with small groups, allowing the opportunity to fully explore current issues and case studies. It is not compulsory to have undertaken a 23andme test, however if you have already done so you may find this beneficial.

Throughout the four days there will be lots of audience interaction so please do come prepared to share your own experience.

A combination of quizzes, small group activities, set scenarios and cases will be used to develop your method of assessment and evaluation for your clinical practice.

We have set up a closed Linked-in group to provide a community of practice.  Anyone attending our course will be eligible to join and continue to share information in a mutually supportive environment.

We are in communication with NTEC to gain short course accreditation for the course so once accredited, there will also be an assessment for you to complete. The assessment will be in the form of a case study report and will be optional for those who wish to be assessed.  Short course accreditation is quite a long process and  it can take many months, but we feel the time is right to offer this type of training to ensure practitioners have a good foundation knowledge base and the confidence to make a difference to their clients’ health using this type of testing.