Nutrigenomics and Functional Tests

During our 4-day course for practitioners, we stress the importance of functional tests to determine gene expression and recommend that anyone wanting to explore a nutrigenomic approach to their health should consider these tests in addition to their nutrigenomic test.As a patient, you may wish to see our Find a Practitioner page for help with interpretation of your data.

There is a variety of tests available which should be used appropriately. However, our experience had shown us that there are certain key tests that can produce a lot of information for your practitioner to work with in order to help you.

As we at Genesnippers work independently, we are not advocating any one particular company but have found the tests below complement nutrigenomic testing well.


Nutrigenomic tests

Our qualified practitioners are experienced in working with 23andMe and raw data, as well as the MTHFR-Genetics test which you can order below.

If you already have your raw genetic data, you may wish to consider ordering one or more of the functional tests below.  If this is new to you, then your starting point for exploring the benefits to your health of nutrigenomic testing is to order an MTHFR-Genetics test below.

The MTHFR-Genetics test includes your DNA test results together with an interactive Variant Report consisting of sections related to the core steps of addressing wellbeing in the Functional Medicine model.  The price includes the conversion of your raw data into a usable report which a suitably qualified practitioner can help you to interpret.

Please note that your results will be available in 6-8 weeks from the time of order

Link to order MTHFR-genetics testselling when necessary for your clients