Relaxed learning with no pressure and the discussions and handy tips.

Quiz, lively and interesting presentations, using large planner to provide overall view.

Personal knowledge in case studies of presenters.

Practical clinical discussions

Thank you very much for all your hard work and your generosity in imparting information.

Enjoyed it! I’m sure I will use it as reference going forward.

Thank you for the hard work that was put into the presentation to make a very complex body of information more digestible.



Hi Anne and Angela,

Just wanted to thank you so much for the course I have just completed with you.

I have benefited so much from it and taken so much away with me that will help me in the future and I am sure once I have analysed my own results from 23 and me it will all become much clearer.

Best regards




“Thank you for a great course.

I appreciate the time and effort you both have put into the preparation of such a comprehensive course.  It has been a privilege to spend four days in the company of two dedicated women who have been informative and amusing in equal measure.

Kind regards  Lorraine”