Increase your knowledge in this exciting new field.

Specialised applications are now available that report on the gene variants which have relevance to a number of biochemical pathways which can be modified through diet and lifestyle measures, and which can therefore have a direct impact on our nutrition programmes.

Personalised nutrition has always been one of the basic tenets of any functional medicine or nutritional therapy practice. Nutrigenomic testing can allow us to take this a stage further, to help us to gain a better grasp of some of the reasons behind the unique biochemical individuality of our clients.

Our courses are credited by BANT.

We will be applying Nutrigenomics to the Functional Medicine framework to help you understand just how to incorporate this type of testing into your practice.

The course is credited by BANT and you will receive 22 credits for the four days.The information you receive on the course will help you to develop a range of clinical tools so that protocols become extinct in favour of personalised healthcare

Increase your business profitability.

Enhancing your knowledge and qualifications in this emerging field will enable you to offer a wider range of services to your clients.

Nutrigenomics is an area that will develop considerably over the next few years, so why not make sure that you are at the cutting edge of these exciting new developments?

Early adopters will make most gain, and also establish themselves as authoritative in this