Toxic elements screen plusfluoride (urine)

This test is a screen for 18 nutritional and toxic elements (aluminium, antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, lead, manganese, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, selenium, thallium, tin and zinc).

It is recommended that you omit fish and shellfish from your diet for 5-7 days prior to collecting your urine sample as these have been shown to temporarily increase the excretion of toxic metals.

Mineral containing nutritional supplements should ideally also be avoided for 24 hours prior to commencing your sample collection.

Collect urine over approximately 6 hours (or provide an early morning specimen). Measure the volume of urine collected, mix the entire collection well and return a 10-20ml aliquot of urine to the laboratory.

Price:  £164

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